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Yantra Bohemia Boutique and Would Boards: combining two huge trends together

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Hello Summer! We are proud to announce our collaboration with Would Boards, a partnership based on shared love of skateboarding in style

Based in Vancouver, BC Would Boards offers premium hardwood skateboards! that’s right SKATEBOARDS.  These incredible 60’s style skateboards are 28.5” hand-shaped premium hardwood cruiser skateboards designed to enhance your riding experience. The hearty combination of black walnut, red oak, and Canadian maple ensures that every board delivers a superior quality ride.

Each board offers a completely unique grain combination so no two boards are alike.  Would Boards was founded in 2013, their earlier boards were pieced together from reclaimed and sustainable hardwoods sourced from all over Canada.

In addition, Would Boards is a proud partner of Eden Reforestation Projects. For every board sold, 100 trees are planted to help assist in Haitiʼs deforestation crises.

Visit https://wouldboards.com to learn more about this awesome local brand and their story

What this partnership means to us?

One of the best things about collaborating is that it brings people together, collaboration also helps people to learn from each other, bringing different skill sets and backgrounds to the table! we love supporting local businesses, finding meaningful and unique products for ourselves and gifts for our loved ones.

Not only I enjoyed meeting and connecting with Joshua, former CEO and founder of Would Boards, I also had the pleasure of sharing & exchanging ideas about our businesses, I was quite intrigued about his products, I wanted to add something new, unique, and fun to my collection, this is why I am super stoked to bring and share with you and the local community this super fun boho-chic board.

Skateboarding is fun! it is always being part of my life.  My brother had a skateboard growing up and my friends all had boards, I used to ride around my neighbourhood in Panama trying so hard to imitate and ride like my big brother! My son started riding his first skateboard at the age of 3 and my oldest nieces are all now a skate girls! 

So if you are a boho-chic skateboarder or have a fascination for skateboarding you will know that there's nothing quite like a weekend spent at the skate park, and whether you're still in that mode or thinking back to your youth, the skateboard is perfect for cultivating your passion.

Skateboarding fashion has come a long way, pair your board with our harem pants and crochet tops for a pro Boho look.  Learn more about the feather Would Boards right here at https://yantrabohemiaboutique.com/products/featherskateboard

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog as much as I enjoyed writing it. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below & share this article with friends and remember to live your #bestboholife 

Sending boho vibes your way,

Gisela xoxo 

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