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A Brief Introduction to Mandalas

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Hello lovelies, 🌻

People often ask me what a mandala is and how it can be used, so here it is! I decided to create this blog to answer some questions or concerns that some of you might have. 

Mandalas, What are they?  The word mandala means circle.  A mandala represents wholeness, a cosmic diagram, is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the universe. The Mandala appears to us in all aspects of life, the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, and more obvious the circles of life encompassing friends, family, and communities. 

Mandalas are circular designs symbolizing the notion that life is never-ending.  Many Mandalas have spiritual significance to an individual or a group.  They are used for meditation purposes allowing the individual meditating to become one with the universe.  Read here to learn more about the history of the Mandala: https://asiasociety.org/exploring-mandala

How to use a Mandala?  These beautiful pieces of art can be used as a meditation tool, they can also be used as a beach throw, beach wrap-around, blanket, for a picnic, table throw, and more. Mandalas are perfect for decor, yoga, and relaxing by the pool. 

They are lightweight and can be rolled up into your bag to take it to the beach, park, or your favourite music festival! or why not hang it on the wall or throw it over your bed for an instant boho touch. Mandalas fit perfectly on top of a double or queen bed.

Mandala hang on bedroom wall

  • Mandalas for Home Décor.
    Decorate your room with a stylish Mandala, hang it on the wall or use it to decorate the wall behind your headboard. This is the focal point of the bedroom, the eye is naturally drawn towards this wall, which means it's the perfect place to make a bold statement and it can change the vibe of a room instantly.
  • Use a Mandala as a Yoga Blanket or Mat.
    Yes, Mandalas make an excellent yoga mat! They will add a pop of colour and energetic art to your yoga practice.  Keep in mind that mandalas are made of soft fabric and won’t absorb your body weight and pressure like a yoga mat does. So, you’ll probably want to keep your mandala tapestry for yoga at the beach, local park – or somewhere with a soft surface

  • Mandala Tapestries used as window curtains. 
    You can add an exotic bohemian touch to your room by using your mandala as window curtains.  They’re light and breezy, allowing for the perfect amount of light through your window, also blocking out the darkness of the night sufficiently.

  • Transform your Mandala Tapestry into a throw blanket.
    Another excellent way to use a Mandala tapestry is as a throw blanket, they are super cozy! Throw it over your couch to add a distinctive boho touch to your living room.

    Boho mandala curtains
    mandala tapestry sofa

    Mandalas can come in a variety of colourful patterns and they are screen printed by hand. The tapestries are available in a wide range of sizes and colours, and can incorporate elements such as the tree of life, sun and moon, and elephant prints. You are sure to find a Mandala Tapestry that suits your particular style when you order from Yantra Bohemia

    Mandalas are without a doubt our most versatile product.  Add the right vibe to your space with these gorgeous tapestries. 

    Do you have a tapestry in your home? Any styling tips and tricks that you would like to share? Tell us about it in the comments below!

    Mandala Boho Tapestries

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    Sending good vibes your way,
    Gisela xoxo


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